Gareth Hector Portfolio - Gareth is most talented aviation artist I know Wiek Luijken - Wiek is of one of the best CG aviation artist Ronnie Olsthoorn - Ronnie "Skyraider" is another TOP CG aviation artist Pixel Factory - Slawek is stunning CG modeler and a good mate Marek Ryś - Marek is TOP CG aviation artist from Poland Greg Strasz - Greg is VFX Art Director and very talented texture artist CG Artists: André Cantarel - André is extremely talented CG modeler and texture artist Toni Bratincevic - Toni is amazingly talented CG artist Galgot's Blog - Gael is great CG modeler and texture artist Joep Peters - Joep is another great CG modeler and texture artist Der Peiper - Egar is TOP Class CG modeler and texture artist Pionier - Piotr Kolus is one of the most talented CG artists Mark Postlethwaite - Mark is one of the best aviation artists I admire for years Alex Hamilton - another Great aviation artist Keith Woodcock - legendary Aviation and Automotive Artist Eight - my sister's great site with handmade artworks Natural Media Artists: Baloon Tree - great site of Marcin Jakubowski - most talented concept artist and good mate Damian Bajowski - Damian is extremely talented concept artist and matte painter John Wallin - John is great concept artist and matte painter Ryan Church - Concept art legend Mathieu Raynault - extremely talented matte painter Dusso - Yanick Dusseault is matte painting legend Concept Artists / Matte painters: - greatest polish CG forum Military-Meshes - great Military CG graphic forum Forums & Communities: Szymon Biernacki - one of the best concept artist Art-Huma - Piotr Najwer's site with stunning visuals Glen Hansard - biggest music inspiration for me Piotr Hummel - Piotr is very talented film music composer Musicians / Composers: Piotr Gorka - great polish aviation artist Adam Tooby website - Adam is one of the greatest CG artist I know


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